The financial and investment services provided by ALUBAF are essentially foreign exchange, fund operations and letters of credit.


Foreign exchange or currency trading

This service consists of buying and selling foreign currency in accordance with the foreign exchange rates in force on the international market.


Exploitation of funds

Fundraising can be done in different ways, including:

  • Deposit with third parties,
  • Offers bank facilities in the form of credits,
  • Trade in convertible currencies.


Through this service, the bank aims to grow funds and get the best return.


Letters of credit and letters of guarantee

The letters of credit department deals with the following:

  • Notification and consolidation of incoming letters of credit (Export credits),
  • Issuance and consolidation of outgoing letters of credit (Import credits),
  • Acceptance of specific export bills which have been sent for payment,
  • Issuance / acceptance of different independent letters of guarantee,
  • Issuance / acceptance of different of Stand-by letters of credit,
  • Consolidation of documentary collections.