ALUBAF INTERNATIONAL BANK – Tunis is an offshore bank founded on November 15, 1985 to promote and develop trade between Maghreb countries and the rest of the world.
It is subject to the laws in force in the Tunisian Republic, as the law of 12 July 1976 concerning foreign banking units, the law of 6 December 1985, the law of finance and foreign trade, the commercial code and any other complementary legislation. The bank is now the total property of the Libyan Foreign Bank Tripoli.

ALUBAF's core business is providing the best banking and financial services to non-resident companies, international trading companies and wholly or partially exporting companies.


The advantages of ALUBAF

Alubaf International Bank-Tunis is one of the most important non-resident financial institutions in Tunisia. It has a stable financial position, thanks, in particular, to its support from a strong owner, Libyan Foreign Bank Tripoli. The bank also benefits from an extensive network of correspondents with whom it maintains an excellent relationship.


Address : Avenue de la Bourse, Les jardins du lac II, 1053 Tunis, Tunisia
B.P. 51- 1002 Belvedere - Tunis, Tunisia


Trade Registry : B 199771998

Tax identification : 30554YPM000

Legal Form : Non-resident limited company

Capital : US $ 25 million paid in full