ALUBAF INTERNATIONAL BANK – Tunis provides the best personal banking services. These services include:

  1. Issuing and receiving transfers,
  • Opening of current accounts,
  • Withdrawal and deposit,
  • Payment of checks drawn on other banks,
  • Purchase and sale of foreign currency to customers.


Issuing and receiving a transfer

The bank provides its customers with a simple and efficient transfer service for all currencies. This service includes:

Outgoing transfers

The customer can transfer an amount from his account to another account. To do this, he must complete a form specific to this operation and which must include the following details:

  • The name of the principal and the number of the account to be debited,
  • The name of the beneficiary, his bank and his bank account number,
  • The amount to transfer in figures and letters,
  • Signature.


The transfer will take place through the swift service, considered the fastest in the world and through a large network of correspondents who have excellent relations with our bank.

Incoming transfers

Upon receipt of incoming transfers from local or foreign banks, the bank integrates them into the customer's current account and notifies them.


Opening current accounts

The bank provides you with a checking account which allows you to carry out the banking operations with ease. These current accounts enjoy full banking secrecy and allow their holders to :

  • Benefit from a checkbook free of charge,
  • Benefit from certified checks on demand, deducted from the current account in return for a specific charge,
  • Benefit from a current account statement allowing you to review your financial transactions,
  • Manage the current account with us by remote compensation (by means of models provided in this respect and which will be signed by the holder at the opening of the account).


Withdrawal and monetary deposit

Cash withdrawals and deposits to your current account can be made during the bank's opening hours. You can check your balance and make transfers from your account to a destination of your choice.
It should be noted that our bank is committed to respecting the instructions of the Central Bank of Tunisia to regulate these operations.


Payment of checks drawn on other banks

The bank is responsible for paying the checks presented to it by its customers, which are drawn on other banks inside and outside the country, crediting the customer's account as soon as it is collected.
In case of non-receipt, the check is returned to the customer in return for the costs incurred by the bank in such an operation.


Purchase and sale of foreign currency to customers

In order to meet the commercial needs of customers, the bank is responsible for buying and selling different currencies in a timely manner and at competitive prices.