ALUBAF INTERNATIONAL BANK – Tunis offers several quality services to companies, institutions and organizations. Among these services:

  1. Opening of current accounts in various convertible currencies,
  • Withdrawal and deposit operation,
  • Transfers to and from other banks inside and outside the country,
  • Payment of checks drawn on other banks inside and outside Tunisia.


Other banking services are also offered and include:

  1. Credit and banking facilities,
  • Project financing,
  • Banking intermediation and consulting services,
  • Purchase and sale of convertible currencies.


Bank credits and facilities

Short and medium term loans are offered by the bank to companies and institutions. The agreement on these credits, the determination of their value and the dates of their repayment depend on the following factors:

  1. The purpose of the credit and its use.
  • The financial situation and reputation of the applicant.
  • The applicant's ability to repay on time.
  • The proposed guarantees.


The contracts specific to these credits, concluded by the bank, include:

  1. The agreed conditions,
  • Repayment dates,
  • The repayment terms,
  • The interest rate.


The credit service monitors the implementation of the projects financed by the bank, conducting field visits to check the progress of the work and to ensure, if possible, the capacity of the companies that have benefited from the facilities, to repay on time.


Project financing

Financing projects in different sectors is one of the key pillars of ALUBAF. The economic profitability of the project as well as the guarantees offered, are the main criteria on which this service is based.

Project financing comes in different forms:

  • Short or medium term credits,
  • Immediate credits in the form of a withdrawal authorization,
  • Incoming documentary credits, on the basis of which funds are expected to facilitate and strengthen the client's activities,
  • Deduction of the effects presented on the basis of consolidated documentary credits.


Banking intermediation and consulting services

The bank offers its clients consulting services concerning:

  • The fruiting of the funds entrusted to him for deposit,
  • The integration of new markets.


The bank also offers an intermediation service that makes it possible for clients to meet and create new investment opportunities.


Purchase and sale of convertible currencies

Whether buying or selling, the bank is responsible for providing convertible currencies to its clients by identifying the best opportunities available on the financial markets.